Motivate Yourself to Workout

Fitness Expert, Beth Oliver, joined us today to share what motivates her to work out -- even on days she just doesn't feel like it.

Here are Beth's insights:

Q:  What do you do to stay in shape that’s working for you…..but you think other people might be missing?

Mix it up!  If you can do it without thinking about it than your body  isn't really being challenged.  Plus it feels mundane and you lose interest.  Even if your go-to activity is the same...walking for example...MIX IT UP.  Change your route, do intensity intervals, take a band with you and throw in some strength exercises if you are stopped at a light. 
Best case scenario a variety of things
Worst Case Scenario...exercising on one piece of equipment, reading a magazine, talking on the phone and watching TV all at the same time.

Q:   What can we learn from your experience with fitness – in terms of the motivation thing? 

I have one simple mantra that has worked for me for years:
Just give it 20 minutes and then you can change your mind!
 It's very rare that I opt out after 20 minutes, but even if 20 minutes is all I have, I'm never disappointed that I did something.

Q:  Do you do one little sequence of exercises everyday…that makes you feel good -- and that you could share with us? 

I do Sun Salutations every day.  They keep me strong yet supple.  I can make them restorative or athletic, depending on what I need.

Q:  Was there something that you heard or learned that really made your fitness discipline stick and made a difference in your ability to stay with it?

 My favorite choreographer, Twyla Tharp, said it brilliantly in her book.  No matter how crazy life gets, how much is out of her control....her morning workout is the one thing she can count on. It's a way of saying to yourself, "it's Ok, I've got it together".  When you think you have it together, your chances of keeping it together are much better!

 Q:  Why do you think you can work so hard but others have a hard time pushing it?

 Growing up as a dancer, I was extremely passionate about the process, I loved the discipline and structure involved.  I wasn't as naturally gifted as many of my contemporaries, so I had to work much harder.  Discipline and hard work created a lot of success for I learned to love it.  When you love anything, it's easy to do it.


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