Finding Fulfillment in Your Dating Life

Dating and Life Coach Donna Dzwonkas had advice for finding fulfillment in your dating life that can help you find fulfillment in your everyday life as well.

1. Don’t put your entire focus when meeting someone at first on how attractive they are.

There’s more involved in connecting to a special person. Learn to be observant to screen people effectively using both your brain and heart.

When you see someone’s photo for the first time or meet him or her at an event first:

Watch and observe them as a whole.
Observe how the person carries himself or herself, do they appear to be loving or slightly cold,
Can they communicate easily during your conversation?
Do they possess the type of skills that are a turn-on with your internal button such as: self confidence, quiet, deep eye connection, great body language, gregarious, watch for whatever internal traits match your desire.

Feel what your heart says when you watch and talk with them.

2. Applying these suggestion can help you find fulfillment in a compatible partner.

It can be a little scary, but it means changing.

What will happen as you break through, you be in a place to create a relationship that works for you when you work on you and meet a compatible mate. 

3. Raise your energy and vibration

    How do you do this?

  Eliminate your negatives thoughts
  Get Clear and be Honest with yourself
  Love Yourself
  Get to know yourself
  Know what you want while you are alive, what is your purpose or your passions?

You will be far more likely to attract to yourself a terrific life or partner!

4. In general workplace skills are taught regularly, valued, and reinstated.

Skills required for a successful intimate relationship such as: listening, empathy, communication,  expression of emotions and self love are generally neglected in our education.

Learning these skills is so important.  Life includes challenges, losses and disappointments.  Emotional and mental suffering is optional.   Each situation and person that comes into your life you have a choice on how to react. 

Individuals who seek out and learn these skills live a full filled joyous life.


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