Boost Your Energy

Laure Redmond, self-esteem coach and author of Feel Good Naked, joined us to talk about some simple ways to boost your energy:

  1. You snooze, you loose. Movement is the new Prozac.
  2. Connect either verbally or sexually with another.
  3. Tame your info appetite.  Information overload is distracting everyone these days, keep your thoughts on track by eliminating the unnecessary.
  4. Stop all criticism towards yourself and others.  When you catch yourself being mean to yourself, intervene on your behalf by putting an end to the behavior (thoughts, words, or actions) immediately.
  5. Have a good cry So that your emotions don't bottle up inside of your body manifesting themselves as physical pain. Let it out, even if its hard, don't keep it in!
  6. Secrets make you sick. Live your truth and use words.  Show up, do the work, be honest. 
  7. Slow down, focus, and feel more connected to your self, your work, and your environment.

For more information, visit Laure's website.


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