Regional Water Providers Consortium

Sarah Santner, Conservation Spokesperson for Regional Water Providers Consortium, met our own Tammy Hernandez at the City of Portland's Demonstration Gardens to talk about a topic that's probably not at the top of our rain-soaked minds right now -- water conservation.  Sarah showed off the garden's waterwise plants that provide color and beauty all year round and require minimal water.

For more information about the Regional Water Providers Consortium, check out their website.

It's never too early to start thinking about ways we can all help use a little less water in the dry summer months.

1. Plant Choice

  • There are many varieties of waterwise plants that do well in our climate – not just cactus and rocks.

2. Right Plant, Right Place

  • Grouping plants w/ similar watering needs.
  • Discuss planting in zones – ie: shade vs sun. 

3. Mulch choices

  • Gravel
  • More traditional compost mulch
  • Keeps downs weeds
  • Holds in moisture
  • Frames the garden

4. Irrigation choices

  • Drip is good for beads – gets water right to the roots of the plant
  • Watering lawns is most often accomplished with overhead watering
  • Oscillating sprinklers. rotars

5. Watering Lawns

  • Can use 2-to-3- times more water than plants
  • 1 inch per week on average
  • For more precise info check out the weekly watering number


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