You're Not Perfect Either

One dating rule to remember: you aren’t perfect! As a dating coach and matchmaker Donna Dzwonkas has heard from hundreds of singles about their tiresome journey to find a mate.

The two major problems Donna sees that are preventing singles from finding love are:

1. They are unrealistic.  Some people don’t realize their own flaws and think they are perfect.  They don’t give any slack to others and everyone has flaws.  

2. They judge too quickly and decide not get to know someone based on something small that really doesn’t define who the person is and they didn’t get a chance to learn the incredible qualities of the other person.

Some other major problems are:
Too busy to find the time meet someone or have a relationship.

Another problem is they don’t know what they want. When you go to a restaurant and order salmon, you expect to get salmon.  How are you going to attract and meet a mate when you are not placing your order or not clear on what you want?

Lastly, singles over age 50 are set in their ways to a point they limit opportunity.

1. Write your deal breakers down on paper and know them.  Secondly write your “must haves”.   No more than 10, be realistic.
2.  Have a friend or mentor be honest with you.  If you can’t see something major you are doing to prevent you from finding love, listen to someone’s observation.
3. Decrease your busy schedule and make time to find and be in a relationship.  Slow down.
4. Set a goal in writing and emotionally that you will meet a partner.  Don’t be a professional “searcher”
5. Get out of your comfort zone.  Few examples: start carpooling occasionally to work or events, get a roommate, or try something new that you have never done the takes a little effort.


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