Kids & Sun Safety

The kids are outside enjoying the summer weather but would you be able to tell the difference between exhaustion from playing too hard and heat stroke? Pediatrician Dr. George Bengston joined us today to share some summer safety tips.

Goal is to minimize contact w/ UV light.


• Avoid peak UV hours (mid-day)
• Seek cover when outside (umbrellas, awnings, trees)
• Wear appropriate clothing (hats, sleeves)
• Wear sunscreen (SPF 15 or more) – apply before exposure, reapply as needed

Symptoms, Triage & Treatment:

I. Immediate attention:
a. Eye pain (keratitis)
b. Fainting (heat exhaustion)
c. Fever (sunstroke)

II. See doctor next day:
a. More than 10 blisters (large area of 2nd degree burn)
b. Open blisters, or blisters about to break (risk of infection)
c. Worried parent

III. Home treatment:
a. Cool baths or compresses
b. Avoid soap, showers
c. Hand lotion for itching
d. Avoid benzocaine, butter
e. Leave steroids to the doctor


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