Water-wise Gardening

We joined Chris Hollenbeck -- from Regional Water Providers Consortium --  in her own front yard to find out ways we can all use water more efficiently in our gardens.

6 Easy tips for becoming a water-wise gardener :

  1. Assess your area – ie: house, trees, eaves, hardscape.  Create a plan for plants which take into consideration envrionmental elements.
  2. Good soil is key and clay soil is prominent in our region.   Add soil amendments which provide:  nutrients, keep the soil cool, and allows for better soil absorbtion.
  3. Know your yard's sun exposure.    Know the difference between “cool” sun (from sunrise until 11:00am or noon) and “hot” sun (afternoon through the hottest part of the day)
  4. “Right plant/ Right Place” – group plants according to water, soil and sun needs.
  5. Water in early morning (before 10:00 am) or later in evening (after 6:00 pm) when termperatures are cooler and evaporation is minimized.
  6. Watering methods:  sprinkler, irrigation system, drip, hand watering.   For turf, water approx. 1” per week or leave it dormant.  Use watering gauges or tuna can to determine 1”  (RWPC is offering free watering gauges this summer.  Click here for more information. ) For hand water watering, use a shut off nozzle on your hose and save 5 – 7 gallons each minute your hose is on.  Once established, water-efficient plants require very little, if any water.

For more information about the Regional Water Provider's Consortium and tips on becoming a water-wise gardener, check out this website.


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