When To Care What People Think

When to Care What People Think

Are you paralyzed and overwhelmed by the opinions of others?  Instead of building a wall and blocking everyone out, learn the skills to care and still make your best choices.

by: Stephanie Somanchi, MBA PhD

People often think that they should not care so much about what other’s think, however the problem isn’t in caring.  The problem is that people disregard their own opinions or are seeking approval and acceptance by bending to other’s opinions.  Caring about what other’s think has many positive aspects, but it cannot be done successfully without first starting from a place of self-respect.  Once self-respect has been established the person is set to hear, weigh, and adjust to other’s thoughts and opinions.

It’s OK to Care!
 It lets you to adjust. 
 It allows you to hear people, and to receive feedback. 
 It allows all of us to be respectful and to live in a considerate society. 
 It helps to make your message absorbable and understood.
Pretending NOT to care doesn’t work – it just makes one resentful and angry.

But It’s Not OK
 To base your decisions solely on what people think. 
 To hinge your self-worth on other’s approval.

Prepare Yourself to Hear Others:
 Honor your own opinion first. 
 Keep your self-trust high.
 Be willing to make your best choice, no matter what.
 Consider the filter/experience of the other person.


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