Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Keeping the weight off during the holidays, even losing pounds, is easier than you think.  Pleasurable weight loss expert Jena la Flamme joined us to share her tips for fighting the holiday bulge: 

  1. Get physical. There will be many opportunities for sitting and eating during the holidays – dinners, get-togethers, card games, movies, vacations, chatty visits and more. Balance out all that sitting time by doing something physical. Starting today, plan ways to move your body pleasurably and as often as possible. Some ideas are: getting outside and strolling through nature, stretching in the a.m. and p.m., ice skating, taking the stairs, walking your dog, or participating in dance/yoga classes. If you’re traveling, research ways to get physical wherever you’re headed
  2. Connect with a community - Find other people also seeking a slim down during the holidays. Having a person or group who has your slim behind in mind is a very powerful tool for thwarting extra pounds during the holidays. Text each other, chat online and check in via phone during particularly challenging events.
  3. Feel Your Feelings. 'is the season when long lines, crazy traffic, and even crazier families can spark feelings of anxiety, frustration and overall crankiness. It's alright to feel your feelings and let them manifest in healthy ways such as speaking openly with a trusted friend, sweating out your emotions in a physical way (see #1), or passionately yelling and pounding your feelings into a pillow, instead of turning to food to stifle your emotions.
  4. Treat yourself. You might feel tempted to throw on an old jogging suit and holey socks before you run out the door during the holidays. This lack of attention to yourself will leave you feeling less than stellar in the company of others, and throughout the course of your holiday activities. Fight this temptation with guerrilla acts of self-care. Whether it’s putting on a great outfit, blushing your cheeks, or deeply washing and styling your hair, make sure to nurture yourself often and with gusto during this demanding and sometimes draining season.
 Main Reasons Why People Overeat:
  1. They haven't paid sufficient attention to the experience they're having while they’re eating and therefore don’t reach satisfaction *visual: Jena will bring a chocolate cake and demonstrate the proper way to eat to stimulate weight loss)
  2. Their lives lack pleasure so they look to fill that void through food
  3. They haven't learned to distinguish the sensation of being full
  4. They don't know how to deal with cravings
Most of the dishes served at holiday parties and family gatherings are not the nutrient-rich, naturally slimming foods that help you achieve your ideal weight. Though it’s natural to feel an intense desire to belong amongst your family unit, you can be independent from the rest of the family when it comes to food. While you may not be able to control which foods are served at the gathering, you can still make the best of the situation by focusing on the healthier foods that are available, such as vegetables and turkey. You may even become a positive role model for your family members.
For more information, visit Jena's website.


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