Documentary: Ginger Girls

The new documentary film, Ginger Girls: The Secret Lives of Redheads, chronicles the misconceptions about redheads. American filmmaker Alexia Anastasio wanted to find out the secret lives of redheaded girls or as they are called "gingers," validating the terminology.
Herself a redhead, she toured the United States in search of redheaded women with stories to tell, interviewing and photographing them.

What’s a secret life? The secret struggle. The effort necessary to succeed that nobody sees-- talent, courage & determination. It's true what you hear about redheads. Hot temper. The get attention. They get ridiculed. Good in bed. But most of all-- everyone agrees they stand out from the pack. Some women think it’s a handicap, some think it’s a blessing. Some want to dye their hair to escape the stigma, while other women want to dye their hair to "ginger" color. They are the 2%.

Ginger Girls: The Secret Lives of Redheads, focuses on the lives of eight unique women. Through Anastasio's lens we meet a veteran model, a Shakespearean actor, a singer, a girl with learning disabilities, women CEO's, and more. Will they embrace their image and live with the
stereotypes-- or try to break the mold?


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