Fashion FAQ's

As Fashion Stylists, Eden Dawn and Kami Gray say there are common questions they get asked repeatedly.  They joined us today to answser those frequently asked fashion questions.

What are cute shoes that are comfortable?
For summer I recommend going with a small wedge or espadrille. Wedges give you some height and the appearance of being longer, but offer your full foot support unlike a traditional high heel. For daytime an espadrille is a cute, timeless option that's usually made from canvas or cotton allowing your foot to breathe unlike a leather shoe.
How do you camouflage the belly area without looking like you're wearing maternity clothing or clothes that are too big?
Wearing maternity clothes or clothes that are too big doesn't fool anybody. Instead, wear tops that are just the right size for you, but that drape well over the belly and barely skim the body. To smooth out the belly, wear high-waisted jeans, shorts, or skirts with a little stretch. High-waisted used to mean high pockets and a longer-looking backside. Not true anymore, the pockets and back yoke have been lowered to create a flattering backside, but you get the smoothing, no muffin-top benefit from the stretchy high-waist.

How do I wear sheer blouses?
Carefully! Sheer blouses are very pretty and feminine, but wearing the right under thing is important to make it age appropriate and fashionable. Wear a fairly fitted camisole in a neutral color under a flowing blouse. It'll give a hint of shape without being too tight and you'll get lots of airflow for the hot months.

What's the best way to wear skinny jeans or leggings?
On colder days, pair skinny jeans or leggings with a longer top or tunic, a topper like a blazer, denim jacket, or cargo jacket, and boots. Accessorize with a scarf and some earrings. Do the same thing on warmer days, but substitute neutral wedge-style sandals for the boots and lose the topper. Make sure the long top or tunic isn't too big or too fitted. It should drape nicely and just skim the body for the most flattering silhouette.

How do I incorporate color into my wardrobe?
 If you're not comfortable wearing color, I suggest bringing it in in small doeses to acclimate. Try starting with a fun coral manicure, then maybe a great colorful pair of earrings before moving up to a tank or blouse. After you receive a few compliments you'll be ready to dress like the rainbow.

How can I be comfortable and casual, but look pulled together and stylish at the same time?
Accessorize. An indoor weight cotton or linen scarf in solids or prints and a pair of hoop earrings will pull together almost any outfit, including yoga pants and a graphic tee. Instead of tennis shoes, wear ballet-style flats with a rubber sole.

What is the No. 1 piece of advice you’d give a client about building a wardrobe?
You don't need staples that don't work for you. Everyone seems to think khaki pants or worse, khaki capri-length pants are a wardrobe staple. I'd like to give every viewer watching today permission to ditch the khaki pants, capris, and shorts. If it's more flattering to wear navy, charcoal, or black and you feel better about yourself when you go darker, why wouldn't you?

What are some common wardrobe mistakes you see in your work?
I think the most common mistake I see if people being in a rut and unwilling to try anything else. Fashion is supposed to be fun and an expression of yourself and wearing the same leggings and sweater combo day in and day out isn't nearly as much fun as you could be having. Wardrobes should also evolve as we age. What we wore at 25 isn't the same thing we should wear at 55, so before you say to yourself, "Oh that wouldn't look good one me" at least give it a whirl in the dressing room.


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