Get Fit Faster

Fitness Expert, Beth Oliver, stopped by to tell us how to get fit faster!

5 Ways To Get Lean and Fit Faster.
It’s no secret that getting fit takes work.  But did you know that we should change up our routine every six weeks or so?  Both your body and mind adapt to your workout, and over time, the same workout becomes less effective.  A good rule of thumb, if you can do it by rote or without thinking about it, it’s time to change it up! Here are a few simple ways to do it:

1.    Make your warm-up more dynamic: 

Think in terms of exercises that move as many joints as possible, like a squat with a woodchopper swing.  To make it more effective, add some rotation and then make it move.

2.    One-Legged moves:

Working on one leg requires more coordination and trains the important stabilizing muscles of the foot and ankle.  Try single leg dead lifts or even just standing on one foot while doing your bicep curls or even when you are brushing your teeth.  This is super important for runners who essentially are jumping from one leg to another.

3.    Off-center moves:

These moves involve uneven weight or force side to side.  In other words the exercise is not symmetrical.  Many every day activities are like that -- carrying a suitcase or picking a toddler up to your hip.  Try lunges with a kettle bell in one hand.

4.    Add twists and turns: 

The muscles of your core are designed to bend, extend, rotate and tip the trunk.  Most people just train the “six pack” muscles and miss out on some great training potential.  Try squats with diagonal reaches, lunges w/twists or even table topw/thread the needle.

5.    Raise the incline:

Or really anything that changes your body's position in space or makes it less stable. Try a bench press on an incline bench and you will notice the difference right away.


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