Holiday Household Hints

We put your Holiday Household Hint to the test:

  1. WORKS:  BRANDI FROM SALEM  This time of year, I wear a lot of heavy earrings and find they often pull down my pierced ear holes. To help lift heavy earrings, take a band-aid and cut the adhesive ends off… then cut those into small squares which you can stick on the back of your ear lobe. Then put your earring through the hole and poke it through the band-aid and you get an instant lift and additional comfort.
  2. WORKS:  BEV FROM TIGARD I don’t like moths eating my sweaters, but I don’t like to smell like moth balls either. So I learned you can sprinkle whole cloves over your sweaters. Moths don’t like the smell of cloves, and they roll right off when you unpack your wool clothing.
  3. WORKS:  PAUL FROM GRESHAM If you’re like our family, you have a lot of different homes to visit for the holidays and the gifts that go along with them. When you wrap the presents for one group, use all the same design of paper and a different design for another group—that ways you can easily sort which present goes to which family’s home when it comes time to deliver.
  4. SORTA WORKS:  TIM FROM PORTLAND  Here’s a good use for old CD’s—they can be used as coasters to set drinks on and keep waterspots off your furniture. This is perfect for a party!
  5. SORTA WORKS:  NATALIE FROM BEAVERTON  Can’t find a scraper or a scrubber? Use old plastic credit cards to remove burned on foods or to get stuck things off. Best off all it won’t scratch non-stick cookwear.
  6. WORKS:  EMMA FROM PORTLAND  Cooking this time of year, I use a lot of fruits and have found an easy way to slice soft fruits—use an egg slicer! This works great for strawberries, bananas, kiwis… and even mushrooms.
  7. WORKS:  CHRIS FROM BEAVERTON Use unflavored dental floss to remove stubborn cookies from the cookie sheet—just use a sawing motion while working it under the cookie. This also works to cut cakes and soft cheeses.
  8. WORKS:  ARNOLD FROM LAGRANDE  Get a grip on hard to open jars by wearing dish gloves—you may not look manly, but you’ll get a better grip!
  9. DOESN'T WORK:  PENNY FROM KEIZER  Have trouble finding the end on a roll of plastic wrap? Place the roll in the freezer for 30 minutes and it will unroll easily.


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