Household Hints

It's one of favorite segments on the show.  We put a new batch of your household hints to the test to help make your life a little easier:

  • Mailing Boxes:  Instead of scribbling out logos and mailing labels or wrapping over your box as required by the post office, instead turn your used box inside out and tape/glue it back together. It's easier and nicer looking to use the clean surface of the inside of the box.
  • Contact Lens Case Spice Holder:  Use the extra cases that come free with your solution to pack small amounts of salt, pepper, and spices for a camping trip or even to work.
  • Eliminate Wrinkles While On-the-Go: Use a flat iron to touch up wrinkled shirt fronts and collars.
  • Foil Funnel:  Can’t find a funnel? Make one out of foil! Use it for everything from pouring oil in the car to putting salt in the shaker.
  • Lint Roller as Glitter Pick-Up:  Clean up glitter (and tiny pieces of construction paper) after craft time-- just take the lint roller out and roll, roll, roll!
  • Clean a Dirty Eraser:  To revive a dried-out eraser or clean a smudged one, lightly rub it over an emery board. This leaves you with a good-as-new mistake-removing surface.
  • Clean a Vacuum Roller: Use a seam ripper to cut the threads, hair and other stuff from your vacuum roller brush. This also helps restore vacuum to maximum power.
  • Coffee Grinder Cleaner:  Grind a handful of rice in your grinder and the fine particles will absorb stale odors and clean out residual grounds and oil. Discard the rice and wipe clean.


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