Decoding Non-Verbal Love Signs

As a Behavorial Investigator, Vanessa Van Edwards is an expert at reading body language.  She joined us to help decode non-verbal love signs -- so we'll know when someone is attracted to us.

Non-Verbal Love Signs:
Remember that only 7% of communication is verbal! The other 93% is body, face, voice tone. So you can use this during the courtship process.
*A lot of our courtship cues come from our biological impulses and evolutianary background. Not much has changed since our caveman days (except maybe high heels and cologne).
Women tend to...

  • Tilting the head- exposes the neck which is vulnerable, submissive behavior and releases pheromones to the male.
  • Rub their subrasternal notch- when feeling intimate. (tread carefully)
  • The ultimate flirty look from an evolutionary stand point- chin down, look up to the side at a man while batting her eyelashes. This makes her look approachable, helpless and submissive. From an evolutionary point of view this revs a mans engine. Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana had this look perfected.

Men tend to...

  • Point their feet to the female they are most attracted to
  • Territorial displays - Splaying legs far apart. (both seated and standing)
  • Tuck their hands in their pocket with their thumbs out- this is a confidence gesture. John wayne used to do it in all of his posters! Classic American cowboy stance.

Beware of:

  • Fake Happiness: Genuine Happiness is crinkling at the eyes. Be sure to watch out for fake smiles
  • Lip pursing: It means they are holding back and not telling you something.

 For more information from Vanessa, check out her Science of People website.


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