Is There Such a Thing as a "Murder Gene"?

DEFENDING JACOB by William Landay is a gritty courtroom drama and a ripped-from-the-headlines thriller that is provocative, smart and suspenseful—but also a fascinating exploration of family, moral obligation and love.  The novel explores the “murder gene” and the emerging science of behavioral genetics— the notion that, as a predictor of criminal behavior, nature may indeed be as significant as nurture.

DEFENDING JACOB explores the dilemma for the parents of a child accused of a violent crime the duty of a parent — to love and protect your child, come what may — conflicts with the duty of a citizen — to report evidence of crimes and to protect your neighbors from harm. What would you do in this situation?  Would it matter if it became clear at some point that your child might be a continuing danger?  Or would you stop at nothing to protect your child?  Is it possible to be objective about your own child?

William has a talk and book signing event tonight at 7:00 at the Cedar Hills Powell's.


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