Jeans for Every Body

The right pair of jeans can boost your confidence but the right fit can be hard to find.  Fashion Blogger and Stylist Rebecca Alexander Pickrel stopped by to help -- with the right jean for every body type.

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Who doesn’t love a good pair of jeans? You find a pair that you feel great in and you can rule the world! The process of discovering that perfect pair can be exhausting, but with persistence and a little guidance you can find a winner! The key to finding a good pair of jeans is to be honest with yourself about your body shape. Truth is you are already doing this by finding a pair that fits you well, but the process can be a little more pain free if you know what you are looking for a ahead of time.

Goal: Create an even silhouette using your curves; don’t be afraid to accentuate your best asset!
My Pick: Straight Leg Skinny Jeans
Contoured Waistband: Choose a pair where the waistband was cut from a different piece of fabric than the pants and sewn back on in a rounded-u shape. They will be cut a little high in the back so your bottom doesn’t fall out and you don’t have to have a yucky gather with a belt either.
Fit: Your waist should be at your hipbone so your body isn’t cut in half at your widest part, lower will create gaping in the back of your pants. Trust me, nobody wants to see what you have going on under there.
Cut: Straight Legs over taught-tight skinnies! Since that style is cut, yep, straight from the knees down, it provides a similar look to ankle-hugging skinny jeans but is more forgiving—especially if you have curvy hips, full thighs, or thick calves. You want a really smooth shape and cut, nothing with harsh lines.
Wash: Go with a darker wash that is more solid. It keeps the eye traveling vertically.

Goal: Make hips look wider and draw attention down and out for a balanced look
My Pick: Regular fit with slight flare
Fit: Accentuate the shape of your awesome legs by making sure the fit is snug! Snug on legs and butt with a higher rise is waist will help avoid unwanted spillage.
Wash: Dark with the whisking at the hip pockets to draw the eyes outward and accentuate your hips.
Waistband: Slightly higher rise to give added shape definition to waistline, think 2-3 finger widths below your bellybutton. Go for something that has a wider waistband and a stretchy material for the comfort on your midsection.
Pockets: Embellishment is key here if you have a flatter bum; flaps with buttons to give you a fuller backside. Otherwise just make sure your pockets are on the roundest part of your bum to avoid the horridness that is a flat butt!

Goal: Add curve and play up your long inseam!
My Pick: Bootcut and Long
Waistband: Look for straight waistbands because a contoured one on a straight figure will make your midsection look pudgy as it cuts you in the wrong spot or creates unwanted spillage and make sure the rise is a couple fingers lower than your belly-button so you don’t cut your frame off at an awkward point, it should run right across your hipbones.
Fit: Follow the cardinal rule here and go for tighter, slim-fits on your legs and across your hips, it will give you more curves if the fit is really good. You don’t want a saggy butt it will only make you look less shapely.
Cut: Classic bootcut denim makes your slim legs look even longer because the flare doesn’t start until below the knee.

You can wear almost anything, but really want to avoid pieces that make you look too straight so if you want to wear skinnies make sure they have other embellishments to add some curved effects like embellished pockets or whiskers on the hips.

Goal: You have dual duty when you are petite: Dress your body type AND your shorter frame.
My Pick: Skinnies
Fit: Baggy is out of the question, so if you love how they fit everywhere else, get them hemmed if the length is horrid. I will say that there are several brands that make petite specific lines if you are desperate for a pair with no time to get them hemmed. Make sure those pockets hit just above the mid point of your bum so that you backside looks perkier!
Cut: You need to find the one good for your body type. But, I really love skinnies on any petite woman because you are more likely to find a pair that will fit on both your backside and thighs because they tend to run with shorter inseams. A good pair of skinny jeans will also make your legs look miles longer.
Color: Dark wash with matching stitching so that you don’t distract from length building that a smooth color of denim creates.

Rules for All Denim Wearers:

  1. Baggy jeans accentuate problem areas! Even if you are plus sized a baggy pant will just add bulk, its not hiding anything.
  2. Tailor a pair that you love.
  3. Make sure your pockets are on the roundest part of your bum to avoid the horridness that is a flat butt.
  4. Dress for your body type first.
  5. Be persistent.

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