Men's Weekend Wear

Fashion Stylist and Blogger, Rebecca Alexander Pickrel, stopped by to set men straight on what to wear on weekends and casual vacations.

You'll find more tips from Rebecca on her fashion blog, Prey for Fashion.

1. Shorts: First things first, you MUST avoid pleats in the front of your shorts they make you look heavier and the lines won't stay as clean as a flat front pair when out for a whole day. We are seeing a huge nautical theme this summer in clothes and a fun pair of patterned shorts fits right in with this trend! Look for shorts that hit from the middle of your kneecap to 2-3 inches above your knee, and are a slimmer cut.

2. Tanks: Everything retro is back in style and the man-tank is one of the biggest ways we are seeing that in menswear this summer. Go with color and pattern when choosing a tank. Less material means you can do more with the tank without being overwrought with a bold print. Aztec and neon patterns are very popular and add fun details. A tank still needs to fit correctly: without gaping arms holes (no one wants to see that when it needs to be covered) and the length needs to be at least to the belt line.

3. Tees: When you are out on vacation, the last thing you want to have to do is fuss with your clothing at every scene change. A nice polo style shirt can get you from golf in the morning to dinner without having to make a switch. Choose one in a lightweight wrinkle resistant material that will give you the longevity you need for a long summer day.

**Sizing for shirts guys: You are not all size large and that is ok with all the rest of us! Choose a shirt by how it fits you not by how you wish you could fill it. A good fitting shirt should rest below your belt line on your pants and the arms seams should sit outside of the shoulder but not down the arm.

4. Boat Shoes: Please do not  wear sandals with socks. I know we live in Oregon where is sometimes is colder in the summer mornings but resist the urge and suffer the chilly toes. Please, I beg of you! Here's our nautical theme again: look for a boat shoe instead. They provide a lot of support and versatility as you can wear them with shorts or pants. Just be sure to wear short, ankle socks with them to avoid a similar problem to the sandals and socks issue.  

5. Bold Accessories: Bold colors are the superstar of summer this year and an easy way to incorporate this trend into your life is by grabbing some bright accessories. Choose a bigger pair of sunglasses that fit snugly so you can play frisbee in them but they don't have to be just for athletics, or a bright oversized watch.  If you are not into color, choose white for the same color-pop effect without all the drama. The added bonus: white makes you look tanner!


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