Nostalgic Valentine's Day Boxes

Professional Artist Elida Field showed Helen how to recreate your elementary school valentine's day box. Why not create an adult version of the childhood “Valentine’s Boxes?” A specific place where love notes, goodies and other sentiments could be shared and enjoyed? Furthermore, why not create something so fun and stylish that it could be used as a permanent fixture or art piece in your home? Giving and receiving love monthly, weekly, or better yet, daily, could be one of the best habits you start this year.

Materials List:
~3”deep wrapped canvas (depending on the size of notes or treats you can choose any size from
8”squared to 12”squared).
~paper towels
~15-20 photocopied papers, stickers, specialty papers, embellishments & love notes or words.
~An appropriately sized envelope to put in the back of the canvas.
~Aquavar, Golden medium, or Modge Podge...and a glue stick
~Paint brushes (1/2” to 1”size), old throw away brush
~Throw away paper palette or styrofoam plate
(Optional)~Acrylic paints & Varnish or finishing spray
Cadmium Red, , Cadmium Yellow, Pthalo Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin Crimson, Titanium White,
Burnt Umber, Raw Sienna, Mars Black, Metallic (Gold,Bronze,Silver)
How to create your “Love Box”
1. On a standard ink jet printer, print off any quotes, definitions, poems, songs, writings, and
pictures that have to do with “Love.” Feel free to play with the fonts, changing up the sizes and
styles of your words. You can use other decorative papers, cards, stickers, and embellishments.
2. Rip along the edges of the paper and around words or pictures giving them “a less then
perfect” feel. You can leave the edges square for a cleaner look if you prefer. You should have
a large pile of papers (15-20) for a small canvas.
3. Lay out the composition on your canvas prior to glueing them down, but be open for things to
be added or changed around once you begin the glueing process.
4. Pour your aquavar or other glue medium onto a throw away plate or bowl. Using an old
brush, brush the aquavar onto the canvas in large enough amounts to cover the area for the
first piece of paper. Lay your paper over the aquavared area and then dip your brush again in the aquavar and brush over the top of the image. Using your finger or the brush, push out
any air bubbles that might be caught under the image. It is extremely important that all areas
under the image or word has glue. Continue on layering more and more pictures onto the
canvas until the whole canvas, including the sides has at least one layer of paper. When in doubt,
add another layer. The aquavar will dry clear.
5. Take a break! (You could be finished at this point and jump to step #7). Give it some time to hour or so.
6. Squirt out your paints onto your throw away palette. Using your 1/2” angled brush begin
mixing colors to your liking. To antique the piece, just stay with the browns and use a LOT of water. Slowly brush the watered down brown color onto the canvas, using a dry paper towel wipe off the excess over the words or areas you want to keep clean. Parts of the paper and the cracks between them will absorb the color giving it the appearance of old, weathered paper. Spray it once it’s dried with gloss or matte varnish or finishing spray. You can also just brush over the entire piece with aquavar to give it a clear and glossy finish.
7. Using your aquavar or even just a glue stick, paste the envelope on the backside of your canvas
open to you. Stick a special love note in it and hang it on the wall!


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