"Should I Wear This?"

In our second edition of a fashion segment we call, "Should I Wear This," fashion stylist Kami Gray joined us to dish out her no-nonsense advice to willing participants who simply want to know, "Should I Wear This?"

If you'd like to submit a picture for "Should I Wear This?" send it to amnw@katu.com or mail it to:

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Here is what Kami has to say about this month's participants:

Jake is a 16 year-old boy who found the classic cardigan he's wearing while doing some thrift shopping. This was a popular wardrobe item for men last Fall and will likely be again this coming fall. I like the idea of the classic cardigan for Jake, but this one is too big. it looks sloppy and doesn't make him look as trim and fit as he is. I don't mind the white t-shirt underneath, especially considering Jake is only 16, but I'd love to see Jake put on a button-up collared gingham underneath instead. I think he'd look really sharp. In my view, a casual cotton button shirt is an everyday item for men.

The ruffle on the pink and brown cardigan is making Vicky appear wider than she is and makes the cardigan is a little young for her. Something more chic, but still colorful will be more ageless and flattering on Vicky. Also, a pair of bootcut pants might be a more flattering shape on Vicky since she likes to wear flat shoes.

I like where Shelly is going with this. The two minor tweaks I would make are to tuck the striped top in a little more and polish off the look with a belt. Not only does this pull the look together, it gives her more of an hourglass figure. I like the nude colored sandals, which elongate her legs.

Neil is wondering if he should be tucking in or going untucked. Either is perfectly acceptable today, but Neil is a fit guy and wears his denim well. Neil's tucked in look instantly reminded me of Bruce Springsteen and how well The Boss wears his collared shirts tucked into fitted jeans with a black belt. Neil is in good company and should follow the Boss's lead and tuck that shirt in. But, notice that in both photos of Mr. Springsteen, he's wearing a long-sleeved collared shirt with the sleeves rolled up. I think Neil should do the same. Long sleeves are more stylish and dignified. It's hard to argue with The Boss!

For more great fashion advice from Kami, check out her blog.


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