Should I Wear This?

Fashion Stylist Kami Gray joined us to kick off a segment we call "Should I Wear This?"  It's a chance for you to get free fashion advice from a professional -- about the clothes you wear a lot -- or maybe even clothes in your closet you don't wear...because you're not sure how to wear them.

Here is what Kami had to say about our first four participants.

Nancy (Jeans & Sweater):

I think Nancy should definitely be wearing this. She looks great and I like how she accessorized the outfit. I would make one minor tweak. Her heavy/wintery looking boots are too much of a mismatch with this classic Chanel-inspired sweater and belt. I would lighten up the look and make it more seasonally relevant by switching to a boot that's lighter in both style and color. Otherwise, yes! Wear it Nancy!

Ruth (Green Dress):

I think the green dress looks great on Ruth. The black and white shoes with gold-detailing are an excellent choice. The pearls don't work for me though. Add pearls when you want to give something a more classic, sophisticated look. This dress already has that. I would play off the gold in the shoes instead. Add a cropped white jacket with gold detailing to polish off the look and skip the necklace. I would wear a pair of gold earrings that will stand out with her brunette hair. A few tweaks and yes Ruth, wear it!

Vicky (Blue Dress):

Vicky is 50 years old. She works in an office setting that is pretty casual, but no jeans. She wants to know if she should wear this outfit with or without a belt or not at all. So should Vicky be wearing this? I think not at all. The tunic dress is too cutesy and young. It does look better with the belt, but the black leggings with the crease down the front are too heavy for this tunic dress. The boots are also too heavy. Vicky has a darling figure and this outfit simply doesn't serve her well. I would recommend trying a belted tunic sweater this Fall with her leggings and boots.

Judy (All Black):

Judy is a busty gal and this asymmetrical tunic really accentuates that. The neckline comes up too high and there is no vertical line coming down the center of her, which helps to elongate the figure and minimize the bust area. I also think solid back from head-to-toe with her black hair isn't doing her any favors. I would add some color to the black leggings and sandals combo and accessorize the rest of the look with black. The shirt-dress style tunic I'm showing has a collar, which creates a v-neck and creates that line down center front. Judy can easily create an hour-glass shape by adding a belt. She has great legs and can easily get all her curves to work for her.

For more great fashion advice from Kami, check out her blog.


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