Songbirds & Sunsets Watercolor Painting

April is an awakening of flowers, birds, & sun as we spring into Spring! Some of the most beautiful sunsets happen during this time of year. After the long winter months, you’ll be ready to put some color and contrast into your decor. Professional Artist Elida Field showed Helen how a sunset painting with silhouette of songbirds and branches is an absolutely stunning piece and can work in any space you need a little brightening. They’ll be singing your praises when you finish this work of art!

~Watercolor paper
~Black Sharpies
~Paper towels

Making Silhouette Songbirds & Sunsets:
1.Dip your large brush in water and into your lightest color of your watercolor paint (yellow). With large horizontal strokes, start at the top of your paper and work your way down going back and forth horizontally.
2. Clean your brush completely and make some clear strokes of water below the line of color you just painted & dip into the next color (orange) and repeat step #1. Keep doing this moving into Red and Purple until you are at the bottom of the paper. If you want to do cool colors, you could do the same thing as step #1 except use yellow, green, blue, & purple.
3. Let the paper dry (about 30 minutes).
4. Once dried, draw out your bird just to the right or left of the center using your sharpie pen..make sure that the paper is dried completely. You can make your bird by drawing two circles and connecting them with curved lines. Then add a beak by making a triangle on the side of the top smaller circle, and a wing, tail, and legs by using a combination of curved and angled lines. Block in the bird completely with black.
5. Start your main branch out by drawing a curved line across the page that starts from the top of one side, connects to the bottom of the feet of the bird, and finishes at the bottom of the page on the other side. Keep adding little branches off of the main branch, & remember branches are bigger at the base and get smaller as they move out. Block this in completely with the black sharpie.
6. That’s it...a masterpiece! Your little silhouette songbirds and sunsets are done & you can start singing!


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