Spring Table-Scaping

It’s April and spring is finally here! The grass is greener, the flowers are blooming, and Easter is
right around the corner! Make your spring inspired table the show stopper this year with these
simple but beautiful name tag holders and napkin rings! Professional Artist Elida Field showed us how!
Materials List:
~styrofoam glittered eggs or assorted beads (make sure the hole is big enough in the beads to go
over the wire)
~20 or 24 gauge silver plated wire (6m creates about 20-25 skewers)
~wire cutters
~round nose pliers for beading
~square tags pre-cut
~pears or apples
~spring colored ribbon
How to create the “Springy” Name Tag Holders
1. Lay out your wire, measure 6”-8” and snip it with your wire cutters. Continue doing so until
you’ve cut all the wire for the amount of people at the table. Straiten them as you go.
2. At one end of the wire, take your round nose pliers and begin twisting the wire into a circular
shape. It should look like swirl, getting smaller as it goes to the center. Make a little kink or
curve at the base of your swirl.
3. Slide the styrofoam egg or beads up from the bottom until it hits the base of your swirl and
then twist or kink the wire right below it to keep it secure.
4. Use your fingers to smooth out the bottom of the wire from the swirl down.
5. Stick them into the top of an apple or pear
6. Write the name of your guest on the tag and add a colorful ribbon to the end. Then slide the
name tag into the swirl at the top of the holder and place the fruit on the plate for each guest
or to the side of their plate.
It’s a great idea to use these tags for describing the dinner menu. For instance, on the cheese
tray you can write “gouda”, “mozzarella”, and “cheddar”and simply stick them into the different
blocks of cheese so your guests will be informed. You will be surprised at how many different
uses you’ll find for them. Enjoy!
Napkin Rings:
These napkin rings were so easy to make and yet make such a statement. All is needed is bright
colored ribbon and either little clip on birds (like I show) or colorful flowers. Fold your cloth
napkins in half and roll. Take the ribbon (cut 12-15inches) tie it in the middle of the napkin,
making the bow, clip the ends at an angle and then clip on the little bird in the middle or tie on
the flowers while making the bow. Fantastico!


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