Stressfree Entertaining & Cooking for Summer Parties

Barton Seaver, author of Where's the Smoke?, is a rising authority on sustainable foods and in his latest book he focuses on the sweet, smoky grill, where he showcases his love of fresh, organic produce, fish, beef, and poultry. Emphasizing seasonal vegetables and accompaniments as much as the protein, Seaver serves up recipes designed to celebrate the spirit of togetherness—including Wood-Grilled Snap Peas with Smoky Aioli, Grilled Pacific Halibut with Pistachio Butter, Peruvian Chicken, Chimichurri Marinated Short Ribs, and Pickled Smoked Peaches. In addition to mouthwatering dishes, Seaver gives the nitty-gritty on fueling your fire; preparation and cooking; recipes for sauces, spice mixes, and marinades; and ways to eat intelligently and healthily.

Today on AM Northwest Barton offered up tips for stressfree entertaining during the summer holidays and showcased the following recipes which you can find on our Recipe page:

• Orange scented bluefish
• Crunchy celery salad
• Ember roasted squash hummus
• cucumber and buttermilk soup

Entertaining tips:
• You want to enjoy your own party! Choose recipes that don't all need to be cooked or finished at the last minute
• Like a chef, make a game plan for preparation. Some dishes improve with time, so make those the night before your dinner.
• Food is always more fun when there's a variety of textures and temperatures in addition to different tastes.
• Always have some easy snacks ready when guests arrive to keep them happy while you finish pulling the meal together
• Building a fire on one side of your grill (whether using charcoal or gas) gives you more control as a chef and allows multiple dishes to be cooked at once
• The grill lid is your friend! Covering the grill while your food cooks allows you to take full advantage of the fire's energy and it gives you more control over the fire


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