Surviving the Wilderness

Peter Hoffmeister, author of Let Them Be Eaten By Bears, ad Director of the South Eugene HS Integrated Outdoor Program, shared a story about how he didn't follow any of the safety rules one should when embarking on an adventure in the wilderness.

The lessons you can learn from his mistakes:
1. The buddy system (don't go into a wilderness alone)
2. Take the 10 essentials:

Map, Compass, Flashlight, Sunglasses, Extra Food/Water, Extra Clothes, Emergency Fuel, Waterproof Matches, Pocket Knife, First Aid Kit

3. Don't underestimate the country (know the risks and anticipate them)
4. Wear quality footwear (flipflops won't cut it)
5. Have a back-up plan (my whole plan was to kayak through. When that wasn't possible, I didn't know what to do)


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