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City of Portland Traffic update

Snow showers creating slick conditions on Portland streets.

(Portland, OR) - Today's surprise snowfall is creating hazardous driving conditions for Portland motorists all over the city, especially in the West Hills where the Portland Bureau of Transportation is responding to reports of slick streets.

Major arterials are in pretty good condition, with snow melting as vehicles drive over it. Neighborhood sidestreets that are not getting as much traffic are more slick. Streets in the upper elevations, particularly on West Burnside and Sam Jackson Road near OHSU, are also creating trouble for motorists because of slick conditions.

Maintenance Operations crews are working the West Hills with a light sanding application to help create traction for motorists. Crews are monitoring conditions all around the city and will be dispatched to sand, plow, or de-ice as needed.

Temperatures are expected to warm, which will thaw the snow and make for good conditions for Wednesday's morning commute. Night operations crews will continue to monitor conditions and treat emergency response routes, transit routes, major arterials, bridges, overpasses, and known hazard areas as needed.