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Aumsville tornado was 99th to strike state since 1950

Aumsville tornado was 99th to strike state since 1950
According to the National Climate Data Center, Tuesday's tornado marks the 99th tornado to strike Oregon since 1950.

Of those 99, only three have ever injured anyone -- each injuring one person.

* Sept. 15, 1996, a tornado hit just north of Seaside. A second waterspout formed off of the North Oregon Coast and moved ashore south of Astoria. The tornado crossed the Astoria Country Club, where it uprooted 2 trees and caused one minor injury to a club employee before dissipating east of Highway 101.

* Dec. 2, 1999. Creswell: Eyewitnesses reported shingles and other debris lifted 200 feet into the air. Four roofs were damaged, one tree was uprooted, and a mill slash burner was tipped over. There was one unconfirmed injury.

* April 28, 2000: St. Helens. An F0 tornado touched down near Old Portland Road and Kastor Road in St. Helens. A tree was blown over across a fence adjacent to Old Portland Road and in front of the McCormick Park apartment building. Another tree was broken off and fell across the apartment building. Limbs broken off and picked up by the winds resulted in one broken window and one minor injury. One apartment occupant, who was on her balcony at the time, was hit in the shoulder by an airborne limb. There was about $35,000 damage to the building and fence. There were no fatalities.


And of course, the Vancouver Tornado on April 5, 1972, which started in Oregon but didn't cause deaths until it crossed into Washington. Six people were dead and 300 were injured. That tornado stands as the only tornado to have killed anyone in Washington or Oregon since 1950.