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High-winds blowing in mountain snow, main street rain

High-winds blowing in mountain snow, main street rain
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It's going to be a busy week weatherwise.

There are high-wind warnings for the coast and winter storm warnings in the Cascades.

Wind warnings started Sunday night at 8 p.m., with peak gusts to 80 miles per hour by Monday morning. The Executive Councilor for the American Meteorological Society's Oregon Chapter, Steve Pierce, reports that Eastern Oregon was hit with recorded winds at nearly 80 miles per hour in Antelope, Ore.

The wind is expected to blow in two feet, maybe even three feet, of snow to the Oregon Cascades over the next couple of days. That's the most snow in at least a couple of months.

Around the Portland metropolitan area it will be wet from Sunday night through Tuesday. Expect up to an inch and a half of rain, maybe more.

KATU Forecaster Dave Salesky


Areas in Oregon and Washington recording wind speeds above 65 miles per hour in the 24 hours before 3 p.m.:

Location                   Elevation    Maximum 24-hour gust

Mt. Hebo                         3160 ft         96 miles per hour
Hurricane Ridge             5200 ft         92
Mission Ridge                6739 ft         90
Humbug Mt.                       50 ft          83
Cape Foul Newport       1024 ft          81
Garibaldi                           75 ft          79
Wagontire                      6420 ft         79
Cape Disappointment      140 ft          77
Garibaldi                              0 ft          77
Yaquina Bridge W            120 ft         77
Lostine                            7002 ft         77
Antelope                          6460 ft         77
Cape Mear                      1421 ft         75
Lincoln City                       187 ft         74
Camp Muir-Mt. Ranier    10100 ft        72
Squaw Peak                    4964 ft        72
Rattlesnake Mountain     3560 ft         72
Mount Baker-Pano          5000 ft         71
Timberline Lodge            7001 ft          71
Surgarloaf                       4328 ft         71
Humptullips                     2400 ft          70
Rockaway                         450 ft        70
Wyman Spr                      4101 ft        69
Gable Mountain                1086 ft        69
Rock Creek                     5640 ft        69
Alpental-Denny M            5528 ft        67
Onion Mountain               4438 ft        67
Astoria Regional                 10 ft        66
Clatsop Spit                        30 ft        66
Little McCoy Cre             5080 ft        66

Courtesy: American Meteorological Society's Oregon Chapter