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Brrr! Portland coldest major city in the nation Wednesday

Brrr! Portland coldest major city in the nation Wednesday

Does it feel a bit like January out there Wednesday? Your skin did not deceive you.

A cold system from the Gulf of Alaska had settled into the Pacific Northwest, bringing not only a steady winter-like rain but has kept temperatures stuck in the 40s(!) through much of the day.

In fact, at 1 p.m., Portland was hovering at 46 degrees -- about the average high for mid-January.

The Rose City would finish the day with a high of 50 degrees --- the second coldest May day on record -- for any date! It shattered the daily record for coldest high temperature on May 22 which had been a "balmy" 55. 

It was so chilly in the Northwest that Portland was given the "honor" as the coldest major city in the United States! (Even colder than Seattle (52) and Anchorage (54), although if you add in smaller cities, tied with Spokane, Washington, also at 50.)

While it was cold and grey down here, it was cold and white up in the mountains. Paradise Ranger Station at 5,500 feet up Mt. Rainier had 14 inches of new snow (more than a foot!!) Monday night into Tuesday as their snow base went up from 126 to 140 inches. Temperatures there had dropped to 25 degrees overnight but had "warmed" to 34 by late morning.

The record lowest high temperature for May 22 in Portland is 55 degrees. We'll see if we break it, but at least for now, we can take solace that no one is cooler than the Northwest right now!