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Portland suffers through 'drippiest' February on record

Portland suffers through 'drippiest' February on record

If we had to sum up Portland's February rainfall in 2013, I'd have to go with "its bark was worse than its bite."

Never before has a Portland February had so many rainy days with so little to show for it in the rain gauge.

The month tallied just 1.26 inches of rain, spread out over 15 days with measurable rain -- an average of just 0.084" of rain per rainy day. (Coincidentally, Seattle had the exact same average daily rain ratio -- to the hundredth of an inch! -- spread out over 18 days until it rained a bit at 10 p.m. They ended up at 0.088" -- a record for them too.)

Eleven of our rainy days had less than a tenth of an inch and our wettest day was just 0.39" on Feb. 22.

That means 2013 steals the title from 2009 which had 1.36" of rain for 15 rainy days.

Overall, this month with go down as the "second-drippiest" on record, coming in just behind May 1955 that also had 15 rainy days but just barely eked out the win with 1.24" of rain for an average of 0.0827" per day of rain.

Top 5 Drippiest Months in Portland (at least 15 days of measurable rain)

1. May 1955: 15 rainy days: 1.24" of rain. 0.0827" per day of rain
2. Feb. 2013: 15 rainy days: 1.26" of rain. 0.0840" average
3. Feb. 2009: 15 rainy days: 1.36" of rain. 0.0907" average
4. Jan. 2001: 16 rainy days: 1.47" of rain. 0.0919" average
5. May 2004: 19 rainy days: 1.78" of rain. 0.0937" average

Honorable Mention: January 1977 had just 0.77" of rain spread out over 12 rainy days. (0.064" average)