Police say woman arrested after shooting into neighbors' houses

Police say woman arrested after shooting into neighbors' houses »Play Video

ALOHA, Ore. – It was a bad day to be a wall on Aloha’s SW Gilmore Ct.

Washington County Sherriff’s deputies arrested 41-year-old Alisha Mannis in connection with what they said was a drunken shooting spree in her home that left nobody injured but damaged several homes.

Deputies responded to a call from residents who said a neighbor had shot a hole through their exterior wall.

While they were investigating, they heard another gunshot from Mannis’ house. They noticed two bullet holes in the exterior walls Mannis’ house, and found a second hole in the victim’s house.

At that point, they called in a tactical negotiations team and hostage negotiators. While they were evacuating people from other homes in the neighborhood, they found yet another house in the neighborhood that had been hit by a bullet.

Deputies attempted to talk to Mannis for several hours before finally convincing her to come out of the house. Detectives interviewed her, and she was taken into Washington County Jail on charges of unlawful use of a weapon and recklessly endangering another person.

Deputies used a robot to search the house for more people and later found the gun they believe Mannis fired.