Man shot in leg during grocery store argument testifies at trial

Man shot in leg during grocery store argument testifies at trial
Jerry Harryman in court on Wednesday. He wore headphones to help him hear the proceedings.

OREGON CITY, Ore. – A man shot in the leg during a trip to the grocery store last summer shared his version of what happened during the trial of his accused shooter.

Prosecutors say Jerry Harryman shot William Young during an argument at the Clackamas Fred Meyer store in August 2012.

During court on Wednesday afternoon, Young said Harryman pulled out a gun during the fight and shot him in the leg. Young lost so much blood that he thought he had actually been shot in the stomach.

“He said he was going to kill me,” Young told jurors. “I thought I was dead.”

Young added that Harryman also pointed the gun at his chest as Young pleaded for him not to fire.

The shooting happened in the checkout line, investigators said.

“The next thing I knew, ‘bam!’ I was shot,” Young said.

Young’s wife also took the stand earlier in the afternoon. Harryman’s defense attorney grilled her on what happened in the store when her husband was shot, including her previous statements to police and the media.

The focus was on who threw the first punch and when she saw the gun. That’s important because the defense is trying to establish that Dorothy Young didn’t see the gun until after her husband was shot. They are alluding that contradicts some of her previous statements.

She said Harryman was trying to look over her shoulder at the ATM when they were inside the store. An argument broke out between her husband and Harryman when police said Harryman pulled out the gun and fired.

Prosecutors wrapped up their questioning around 5 p.m. Defense attorneys will have a chance to cross-examine William Young on Thursday morning.

The trial is expected to last the rest of the week.