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Family: Woman found shot to death was energetic, beautiful

Family: Woman found shot to death was energetic, beautiful
Tiffany Jenks in a photo taken this past weekend in Pendleton. (Photo courtesy Jennifer Jenks)

FAIRVIEW, Ore. – A family is searching for answers after a woman was found shot to death near a park entrance this week.

Homicide detectives said the body of 35-year-old Tiffany Fern Marie Jenks turned up on Tuesday morning at Blue Lake Park in Fairview. A medical examiner said she died from a gunshot wound to the head.

Investigators have released very few details about the case, although they did say Jenks was found near the entrance to the park.

They don’t think whoever killed her is a threat to the general public, but have not elaborated on that statement.

Her sister, Jennifer Jenks, said Tiffany “was just full of a lot of energy. You couldn’t really ignore her. She was just beautiful.”

Tiffany was one of seven siblings – five brothers, plus Tiffany and Jennifer.

She has previously worked as a hydrologist at the Bonneville Power Administration, but left her job in 2010 after her father died.

Jennifer said Tiffany took her father’s death hard.

“It had been pretty difficult off and on. She had gone through some really low times and kind of seemed to be getting better. She seemed very positive the last time I talked to her,” Jennifer said.

Tiffany had recently been planning a trip to Thailand with stops along the way to visit friends.

Jennifer said her sister lived in downtown Portland and isn’t sure how her body ended up in Fairview.

“She doesn’t have a car so somebody had to have taken her there,” Jennifer said. The family doesn’t have any theories as to what happened and said they haven’t had much luck getting information from police.

“It’s so hard not knowing,” Jennifer said. “Your imagination just takes over.”

Jennifer said her family has set up a memorial fund to cover expenses. It's called the "Tiffany Jenks memorial fund" at US Bank branches.

KATU producers John Tierney and Ian Parker contributed to this report