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Friend describes murder victim as loving mom; suspect still on run

Friend describes murder victim as loving mom; suspect still on run »Play Video
Le Huang

PORTLAND, Ore. – Neighbors and family friends say they are still worried about a man who police said killed his wife and is still on the run.

Portland police say Le Huang killed his wife Dixiang Huang. Her body was found in their Southeast Portland home earlier this week.

A family friend who knows the Huangs well told us she’s worried because she has seen Le Huang’s temper before, including seeing him scream and throw things at his wife during the past year.

The friend said she’s too shaken to show her face or have her name published. She’s scared that Huang is still in the area.

“There’s been domestic violence over there,” she said. “I’m really upset. I just hurt for her family.”

Investigators are looking at a possible history of domestic violence in the home.

The friend also said the couple was talking about divorce and fighting over custody of their two young children.

She described Dixiang Huang as sweet, kind and as a woman who loved her children.

“They always blew me kisses,” she said. “Always blew me kisses and always dressed so cute and so nice, and so was their mom. You could tell how much she took care of those kids and she loved them.”

When asked about a possible motive for the murder, a police spokesman said he could not comment.

Another close family friend told us Dixiang Huang owned a nearby restaurant with her father. That friend said the father is adding security at the restaurant as a precaution.

The friend said they have reason to believe that Huang may be angry with his wife’s family.

Police say Huang is 5’7” and weighs around 130 pounds. He is 46 years old.

They say if you see him, do not approach him and immediately call 9-1-1. Police consider Huang to be armed and dangerous.