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Potentially dangerous algae found at Blue Lake in Fairview

Potentially dangerous algae found at Blue Lake in Fairview

FAIRVIEW, Ore. – Health officials found potentially dangerous blue-green algae on Blue Lake in Fairview.

The officials spotted the algae and are now monitoring the water to determine if dangerous toxins might be present.

In the meantime, they are warning people and animals to avoid coming in contact or swallowing water from the lake.

“Drinking water directly from Blue Lake is especially dangerous,” a warning from the Oregon Health Authority said. “Oregon Public Health officials advise campers and other recreational visitors that toxins cannot be removed by boiling, filtering or treating the water with camping-style filters.”

Some residents who live along the lake get their drinking water from Blue Lake. They are being advised to find a new source until the threat is gone.

If you get fish from the lake, health officials say you should remove all fat, skin and organs before cooking it. Any freshwater clams or mussels should be avoided.

Symptoms from the toxin include numbness, tingling and dizziness. If you have those symptoms after contact with the water you should seek immediate medical attention.

You should also call a doctor if you have persistent weakness, skin irritation, nausea, cramps or fainting.

The Oregon Health Authority expects test results back Thursday or Friday on the lake's algae bloom. That should help them decide whether it's safe to go back in the water.

For more information you can call Metro Parks at (503) 665-4995 extension 0. For health information, contact the Harmful Algae Bloom Surveillance program at (971) 673-0400.

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