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Woman forced into closet during robbery; thieves stole wedding band

Woman forced into closet during robbery; thieves stole wedding band »Play Video
The home in Vancouver where two suspects forced a woman into a closet as they robbed her.

VANCOUVER, Wash. – A woman in her 80s was forced into a closet as two men stole valuables from her house on Thursday morning, police said.

The woman went to her front door around 6:30 a.m. after someone rang the bell several times, according to Vancouver Police spokeswoman Kim Kapp. She found that two men had already broken down the door and were in the house.

The two suspects then told the woman to go into a closet and be quiet, Kapp said. The suspects said they would not hurt her if she complied.

The woman called 9-1-1 once she heard the men leave.

Neighbor Norma Cook went to console her friend when she heard the news. She said the victim - whose name has not been released - is shaken. She was especially upset because the thieves stole her wedding band, in addition to some silverware.

"She's taking that pretty hard right now," Cook said.

The victim was not hurt.

"It's very cowardly for them to do something like that and prey on the old because someday they're going to be old and they might be preyed on, too," Cook said. "Then maybe they could feel what they have done to her."

Detectives investigating the case said they don’t have any details about the suspects to release. Nobody in the neighborhood saw their vehicle.

The robbery happened in the 5700 block of Montana Lane.

"It's scary because it's very near to our house," said neighbor Gloria Gibbs.

Police are asking anyone with information to call the Vancouver police tip line at (360) 487-7399.

The victim told police that she received a phone call on Wednesday from someone claiming to work for an alarm company. The caller asked if she had an alarm system in her house. Kapp said detectives are trying to figure out if the call is related to the robbery.

No other similar robberies have been reported, but police also want to hear from anybody who received the same call.

Kapp said people should not provide any personal information over the phone if you’re not sure the caller is from a legitimate company. If you do get a suspicious call, police want you to document any relevant information, such as a caller ID number.