Stolen rare parakeet turns up at Gresham Police Department

Stolen rare parakeet turns up at Gresham Police Department

GRESHAM, Ore. -- A parakeet believed to be stolen Tuesday from an East Portland home showed up at the Gresham Police Department.

The story of his capture remains somewhat of a bizarre mystery, police said.

A Gresham city official said someone brought the rare Derbyan parakeet named Josey to the police department. Thursday morning, the bird was sitting on the police records counter waiting for his owners to claim him.

By afternoon, Josey's owner had claimed him.

Gresham police Detective John Rasmussen said a woman turned the parakeet in to the police department after spotting an elderly man walking along a road Wednesday night with a giant cage on top of a shopping cart.

The woman questioned the man about the bird inside and he told her he got the bird from a friend and planned to set it free and keep the cage, Rasmussen said.

Suddenly, Rasmussen said, the man accidentally knocked the cage of the cart and the woman rushed to help when he darted away.

When the bird was turned in to police, Gresham police's deputy chief made sure his cage was stocked with bird food.

The parakeet had been stolen Tuesday afternoon at the home in the 15100 block of East Burnside Street.