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Missing a pig? He may be in Hillsboro shelter

Missing a pig? He may be in Hillsboro shelter

HILLSBORO, Ore. – A local animal shelter needs your help: Can you help this little piggy go wee wee wee all the way home?

A stray pig turned up at the Bonnie Hays Shelter, the second such time this has happened at the shelter this year.

The Tigard police picked up the pig as a stray. While the animal is friendly and well-cared for, staffers say their shelter isn't really designed for pigs.

"We are hoping his family comes for him soon," said Deborah Wood, manager of Animal Services for Washington County.

Wood said she believes the pig is of the pot-bellied variety and is probably someone’s family pet.

“We bet someone is looking for him,” Wood said in a statement. “Since a pig owner may not think to look at the animal shelter, we hope that word will get out about the pig being here.”

It was just this past March when another stray pig wound up at the animal shelter. Shelter staffers are hoping the owners of this piggy show up. If not, then they will look for a new home for him.

If you think this is your pig, you should call the shelter at 503-846-7039. Or you can visit the shelter located at 1901 S.E. 24th Ave. in Hillsboro.