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Head-on crash in Lake Oswego leaves three girls badly injured

Head-on crash in Lake Oswego leaves three girls badly injured

LAKE OSWEGO, Ore. – Three girls were seriously injured in a head-on crash in Lake Oswego Friday night, police said.

On Saturday morning, around 200 students met at Lake Oswego High School to pray for the girls.

"It’s become so real now, because you never hear about it happening to your friends," said junior Mack Hubbell. "These three girls, they’re a big part of Lake Oswego High School and we all love them."

"All we did was tweet it, and from Twitter it exploded," said junior Clay Dirkse. "It’s amazing that a community in less than 12 hours can come together and do this."

One of the girls is a drama student who was set to take the stage for a performance Saturday night. Drama teacher Bob McGranahan said a poster full of supportive notes for the girls was already on the wall when he arrived at school for the show.

"When stuff like this happens, I think us as adults can learn a thing or two about what does it mean to be a friend, what does it mean to support. It's a great thing to be around," he said. "If it helps her feel better quicker, that's great."

McGranahan said his student is out of the hospital.

Police initially reported that four teens were in the vehicle, but Sgt. Tom Hamann with Lake Oswego Police on Saturday told KATU that three girls were in the SUV.

The crash happened at Lower McNary Parkway and Kerr Parkway around 9:45 p.m. Police said it appeared that the girls' SUV was in the wrong lane when the crash occurred.

Three people were in the other vehicle, police said. A father and son were not hurt, but the son's friend was taken to a hospital and later released.

Firefighters had to rescue the teen driver from the SUV.

Police said the girls appeared to have been coming from a football game because some of them were wearing football jerseys.

The driver had her license for more than six months, which means she was allowed to drive with passengers, according to police.

Lake Oswego police say at this point there is no indication that alcohol or drugs played a role in the crash.

The names of the girls have not been released.

KATU's Stephen Mayer contributed to this report.

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