Lake Oswego

Man arrested after poor attempts at burglary and disguise, police say

LAKE OSWEGO, Ore. - Lake Oswego police arrested a man on Tuesday who they say proved to be as inept at disguise as he is at burglary.

Stephen Smith, 49, was arrested at 3:30 p.m. after officers said a teenage boy spotted him entering the family’s garage on Lakeview Blvd.

Police said Smith was spooked from the garage when the boy’s mother returned home, scaling a fence into a neighbor’s yard and ripping off his shirt in an effort to disguise himself as he made his way to his nearby truck.

Officers arrived as Smith was climbing into the truck. They arrested him and brought him to the Clackamas County Jail on burglary charges.

Neighbors said Smith had been walking through the neighborhood for about an hour before the boy spotted him. Police believe he might have been searching houses and garages for an unlocked door.

Smith wasn’t carrying anything when he was arrested. Police believe he was a contractor working in the area.