Tractor stolen from Milwaukie baseball league

Tractor stolen from Milwaukie baseball league
Someone stole this tractor and trailer from Mike Read's driveway Friday night.

MILWAUKIE, Ore. – Someone stole a tractor and trailer from a youth baseball league in Milwaukie.

Mike Read is the president of the Putnam Youth Baseball League. He kept the tractor used to mow the league’s 12 fields in his driveway.

The tractor was gone when Read woke up Saturday morning.

Read said the crime took some real effort because he took serious steps to keep the tractor secure.

“We had a lock on the tongue, I had a chain through the wheel itself, through the tractor, and then back down and padlocked,” Read said. “To have them just be able to back in, cut it in two different spots, hook up to it and pull away, I never thought that would have happened.”

Read says the tractor is worth around $15,000.

The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office and Milwaukie police are investigating the theft.