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Motorcyclists report slashed tires, seats in Portland

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Someone slashed the seat on Jack Satta's motorcycle a few weeks ago. Other motorcyclists have reported the same thing has happened to them, as well.

PORTLAND, Ore. – A few weeks ago Jack Satta was set for his usual morning ride to work. But there was a problem that kept him from even riding to work that morning.

"My tire was flat, and I realized my gas cap was stolen," he said. "About a couple days later, I checked the seat – there were slashes on it."

Someone had shoved a knife into his motorcycle's seat over and over again – four times in all.

He said he can't understand what drives someone to do that kind of senseless damage.

"You feel violated, for sure – not a pleasant feeling," he said.

It hasn't just happened to him. Portland police are still crunching the crime numbers, but some motorcycle enthusiasts say there have been hundreds of these vandalism cases in Northeast and Southeast Portland during the past few weeks.

Ginger McCabe has repaired some of the damaged motorcycle seats at her Southeast Portland shop, New Church Moto.

One customer, who brought in a damaged seat, talked to officers as he filed a police report.

"He said something about a thousand in the last month of reports of a mixture of cars and motorcycles, but like I said, mostly motorcyclists," McCabe said.

As for Satta, he used to leave his motorcycle parked on the street overnight so he could just hop on it and leave in the morning. But now he said he's parking it in his garage until the rash of vandalism is over.

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