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'We care so much about doing this ceremony right'

'We care so much about doing this ceremony right' »Play Video
Senior Master Sgt. Brian Wade (left) and Maj. Casey Dierickx (right).

PORTLAND, Ore. - There seems to be no end in sight for the government shutdown and that means the impact on our day-to-day lives will keep on spreading.

For two airmen who just returned from Afghanistan, the shutdown means they won't be getting the medals they have earned, at least not right now.

Senior Master Sgt. Brian Wade, a member of an explosive ordinance disposal team, and Maj. Casey Dierickx, who was responsible for moving aircraft quickly and safely in and out of the base in Afghanistan, are each receiving a bronze star.

A ceremony to honor the two was supposed to be held this weekend at the Oregon Air National Guard base in Northeast Portland. But like a lot of things, the ceremony is now on hold.

There are a few people at the base, but certainly not enough to give the airmen the recognition they should get. So rather than hold a low-key ceremony, Col. Richard Wedan, Wing Commander of the 142d Fighter Wing, decided it would be best to postpone the event for another time.

"I want to make sure that when these airmen are honored, that they're honored in front of the largest, most robust members of our team as we can get for them," Wedan said.

"We care so much about doing this ceremony right that we want to wait to have the right audience," he added.

So Wedan has decided to try to hold the ceremony the first weekend in November when it will coincide with a monthly training weekend that will give the men the audience they deserve.