Dog that gave vet the slip is found, but he dies shortly thereafter

Dog that gave vet the slip is found, but he dies shortly thereafter »Play Video

SALEM, Ore. - A dog that was recovering from surgery and managed to run off from the vet's office was found, but he died not long afterwards.

Bo slipped out of his collar when he was taken out for a walk at Capitol Veterinary Clinic in Salem. He had surgery after falling ill and about three feet of his intestines were removed.

His worried owners, Jason and Elizabeth Rose, spent several days looking for him. And when Bo's story started spreading on social media, dozens of strangers helped look for the dog as well.

The couple had so much hope that they would find Bo alive. Their dog was spotted several times this past week, but it wasn't until he got hit by a car that he was reunited with his family.

Bo wasn't hurt badly when he was hit and actually ended up dying of an infection, according to Jason.

"He was just gone too long," he said.

Jason Rose removes a trap that was set for Bo in the hopes of getting him home. KATU photo.

The veterinarian at the clinic feels terrible about what happened. He sent a handwritten note to KATU that stated:

"It was with deep sorrow that I learned this morning of Bo's death and I send my sympathy to his family and friends."

"I was responsible for Bo's care and I am responsible for his loss. It is difficult to think of what this dog went through, and to know it was because of our failure. I am sorry Bo."

"It has been a difficult week for everyone involved and I apologize."

"Thank you to everyone who helped us search for Bo. I am grateful for your time, your effort, your kindness and your support."


Steve Swart

The Rose family isn't holding any hard feelings for the vet. "We don't blame him at all," Jason said. "We know how a dog can act. Everybody knows how dogs can act at times."

Elizabeth Rose wrote the following comment on this story, thanking those who tried to help.

"Thank you everyone for all your caring thoughts. Our family is so devasted but we are also so grateful to everyone and so relieved that Bo did not die alone outside in the cold. We hold no anger toward the vet or any of his staff including the woman he got away from. We will not be taking any legal action. As sad as we are we know the lord must have bigger plans for him."

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