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Less than a week after release, 'Where's Waldo Bandit' wanted again

Less than a week after release, 'Where's Waldo Bandit' wanted again
Ryan Michael Homsley

PORTLAND, Ore. – Where’s Waldo?

More specifically, where’s the “Where’s Waldo Bandit?”

Portland police are looking for 32-year-old Ryan Michael Homsley in connection with a bank robbery in Southwest Portland on Monday.

Police believe Homsley – who was just released from federal custody last Tuesday on charges related to a bank robbery in 2010 – is behind the robbery of the U.S. Bank on S.W. Harrison St.

Police said the suspect passed employees a note and escaped with an undisclosed amount of money, running toward Portland State University when he left.

Homsley drew the nickname because of his distinctive appearance when he robbed the Key Bank near Bridgeport village.

Homsley’s brother, KUFO radio host Noah “Pork Chop” Homsley, helped track him down after the original robbery.

Ryan Homsley served part of his sentence in a halfway house, but was sent back to prison in May because he was “having issues” and law-enforcement officials thought he needed to be housed in a more secure facility. 

If you see Homsley, call 911.

If you have non-emergency information about the case, contact Detective Brett Hawkinson at (503) 823-1080,; or the Portland office of the F.B.I. at (503) 224-4181.