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Watch animals beat the heat at the Oregon Zoo

Watch animals beat the heat at the Oregon Zoo
Polar Bear Tasul plays in ice provided by keepers during hot weather at the Oregon Zoo. (© Oregon Zoo / photo by Michael Durham)

PORTLAND, Ore. – Animals at the Oregon Zoo are doing their best to cool off during the heat wave.

Polar bears Conrad and Tasul dove into a pile of ice on Tuesday. Elephants cooled off by splashing around in in the water on Monday.

Around 1.68 million people visited the zoo during the last fiscal year, which ended June30, spokesman Hova Najarian said. It was the most-visited year in the zoo’s 125-year history.

“People in this region have a deeper connection to animals than anyplace I’ve seen,” said Kim Smith, zoo director. “They share our vision of creating a better future for wildlife and it shows. The outpouring of support in recent years seems to have reached a whole new level.”

Video from the Oregon Zoo