Deputies: Man commits rape 10 days after getting out of jail

Deputies: Man commits rape 10 days after getting out of jail »Play Video

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ore. -- A Washington County man was arrested on suspicion of raping a woman on Monday -- 10 days after he had been released from jail on a separate offense.

Yusuf Dahir Sheikh-Nur, 28, is being held on suspicion of kidnapping and raping the woman at his apartment in Bethany. Bail was set at $2.4 million.

Police say Sheikh-Nur is a known serial sex offender who has been in and out of jail seven times since May 2011. His past charges include rape, harassment, robbery and drug offenses.

Sheikh-Nur is known to target women in his neighborhood, sheriff's deputies said.

In jail on a harassment charge, Sheikh-Nur had posted bail on Feb. 1 and was released.  Washington County sheriff’s deputies said that on Monday, Sheikh-Nur brought a woman home to his apartment, refused to let her leave and then sexually assaulted her.

"We had another report earlier in the day where he tried to get someone into his apartment unsuccessfully. So his behavior was escalating throughout the day," said Washington County Sheriff's Office spokesman Sgt. Bob Ray.

Neighbors say he forcibly tried to hug them.

One neighbor said Sheikh-Nur knocked on her door and offered to babysit her kids and offered her drugs.

"I've just known him to walk around and hug women and tell them that he's in love with them and he's been waiting for a beautiful woman like them," said Jessica Booth who lives one apartment building over from Sheikh-Nur.

She said his aggressive affection toward random women made him the talk of the complex in Bethany.

"He would just keep hugging them," Booth said. "He would just hug them, back off and then hug them again. It made them really uncomfortable."

Now police are looking for more victims who may have been touched in public, particularly women who use public transit as Sheikh-Nur did.

Police say Sheikh-Nur's bizarre behavior and inappropriate sexual conduct began in November.

If you were approached by him, the Washington County Sheriff's office wants to hear from you.

KATU News reporter Patrick Preston contributed to this report.