Jog-a-thon money stolen from Tigard preschool

Jog-a-thon money stolen from Tigard preschool
Someone broke into the fundraising box at Tigard Playschool and stole $1,800.

TIGARD, Ore. – Teachers at a Tigard preschool just want their school's money back.

Someone took all the money that Tigard Playschool students raised last week during their jog-a-thon. A staff member on Monday discovered that $1,800 was missing from the school’s fundraising box and the lock had been tampered with.

“Not that stealing is ever right, but come on, these are two, three, four, five-year-old kids that go here and they’re the ones that did the fundraising,” said Tigard Playschool treasurer Nick Bales.

The stolen money was supposed to pay for books and school supplies.

The school filed a police report. They say if you want to help out, donations to the Tigard Playschool can be made at any Key Bank.