Raccoon attacks woman in Tigard

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Cheri Bishop said the raccoon bit her foot when she walked outside her house last week.

Tigard, Ore. – There’s a raccoon menacing families in Tigard.

Kids told us they’re scared, some of their parents filled spray-bottles with bleach, and the raccoon recently bit a woman, sending her to the hospital.

Cheri Bishop she said she was attacked by a raccoon outside her house.

“I came out to paint my toenails and have a cigarette, well there was a raccoon hiding out here,” she said. “He attacked me. He came running out from under the tarp.”

Bishop said the raccoon bit her foot.

“He has that silly little bandit mask. He tries to act like he’s gonna be friendly,” she said.

Stephanie Huertas lives in the neighborhood. She says her kids are afraid to go outside by themselves after dark.

“He puffed up and started hissing and growling at us,” Huertas said. “My husband stepped back, threw a rock. It actually hit him. Sent him sideways.”

But that didn’t stop the raccoon.

“He came right back,” said Huertas.

Bishop said she and her neighbors called the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife last month, before the raccoon attacked her. She thought ODFW would send someone to her house after she called. Instead, they sent her a permit allowing her to trap and euthanize the raccoon in a humane way.

“I’m not Grizzly Adams. I’m a city girl,” Bishop said.

An ODFW wildlife officer told KATU the department almost never sends someone to track raccoons unless there is an immediate, urgent threat. Most people in similar situations hire a professional, the officer said.