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Good deed punished: Man's car stolen while helping homeless

Good deed punished: Man's car stolen while helping homeless »Play Video
While Jim Postma was helping some homeless people in Vancouver, one of them drove off in his car. He got it back days later but the left side was spray-painted and a lot of trash was left inside.

VANCOUVER, Wash. – Jim Postma was trying to help some homeless people when one of them took off in his car.

The car turned up eight days later but it’s probably totaled. The side of the car is spray painted, there’s trash inside – even a faucet – and it smells like cigarettes and marijuana.

Someone even wrote on the car’s ceiling with a felt pen.

It appears that several people were living in it. There was food and clothes left inside and about 400 miles added to the odometer.

Postma volunteers, with his own car, for Meals on Wheels.

He recently had some extra meals so he decided to drop them off for some panhandlers at the West Mill Plain Exit off Interstate 205.

He only walked about 20 yards from the car when someone hopped in and took off. Through it all Postma is keeping a pretty good attitude.

“I'm still a little stunned, but nobody got hurt and I'm thankful for that and thankful we have some insurance to help out,” he said. “But it was ironic, trying to give something away.”

Postma said the incident won’t stop him from volunteering again with Meals on Wheels. He's helped with the nonprofit organization for seven years now.

Police found the car Saturday. It was abandoned at the Gee Creek rest stop in Ridgefield with the keys inside.

It will start, but the body shop says it's ruined.